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Pressure Gage & Switchgage Instruments

OPL/45 series

  • Mechanical Swichgage
  • 5” (114mm) dial
  • Adjustable high and low limit contacts
  • Pressure and temperature models
  • Panel and surface mounted versions
Vibration & Shock Switches

Models 20. SS, VS2, VS94 & EVS

  • For monitoring equipment shock and vibration
  • Local and remote reset options
  • ATEX, UL and CSA hazardous area approvals
Electrical Level Switch

LS200 Series

  • Float switches for gas scrubber or general fluid level control applications
  • Electric and pneumatic versions
  • Nickel plate or 316 stainless steel body
  • Hazardous area classifications
Pneumatic Level Switch

LS200NDVOR Series

  • float-activated, pneumatic-vent level device used to operate DVU Series dump valves or similar devices.
  • Provide a 2” NPT mounting with a pneumatic output for interfacing with pneumatic devices such as the Murphy pneumatic dump valve or other pneumatic instrumentation
Digital Tachometers with Hourmeter

SHD30 & SHD 30-45 Models

  • Normally open and normally closed overspeed alarm or shutdown switch (standard)
  • RPM data and power supplied by magnetic pickup or capacitor discharge (cd) Ignition
  • Accurate to ±0.5% of display reading
  • Hours can be preset and reset to zero
  • Approved for Class I, Division 2, Groups C & D hazardous areas
Transducers & Transmitters

PXT-K Series

  • PXT-K pressure transmitter, 4-20mA
  • Thermocouples, J and K type
  • RTD resistance probes, 3 wire Pt100
  • RTD 4-20mA transmitter for RTD probes
  • Thermowells for Swichgage® bulbs, thermocouples or RTD probes