SMG-MURPHY Pte Ltd was established to give quality solution to various industries in Singapore.

Our core business focuses on control system and instrumentation for Power Generation Plants, Marine application and to Oil & Gas operation. We offer wide range of quality Instruments for Equipment Monitoring and Control in standard and custom-control systems are designed to meet high efficiency on every operation.

We specialized in Engine Monitoring Alarm System, Marine Equipment Controls, Air Compressor Safety System, Diesel & Marine Engine Controls, Oil Field Monitoring Control Systems. These excellent products are of high quality material, time-proven designs and quality workmanship time-proven

designs and quality workmanship  that exceeds world standard is our commitment to the customers.

SMG-Murphy Pte Ltd reliable well-trained sales & technical staff will accommodate every needs of our clients.

Some Of The Products
We Offer

  • Murphy Powerview J1939 Engine Data
  • Murphy Coolant Level Swichgage
  • Modex Automation Engine & Generator Control Modules
  • Murphy Pressure / Temperature Mechanical Swichgage
  • Murphy Vibration / Shock Switch
  • Murphy Pneumatic Dump Valve Operator for Scrubber
    Tank Control LS200 Series

Brands We Carry