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Liquid Level Switchgage

L150, EL 150K1, EL 150EX

  • Indicates oil, water or diesel fuel level
  • Low level contacts for warning / shutdown
  • Grounding contact or SPDT snap-switch
  • Float adjustment for testing contact / alarm
Lube Level Switchgage

L129 Series

  • Check Lube Level without shutting down
  • Use on engines, pumps and compressors
  • Combination indicating gage with low and high limit switch
  • Float operated
Exhaust Pyrometer
  • 3½ (89mm) dial face
  • K type thermocouples
  • Single and dual (L-R) scale versions
  • Optional pyroswitches
Vacuum Switchgage

20/25 series

  • Mechanical switchgage
  • Accurate & reliable
  • 2” (51mm) or 2½” (64mm) dial face
  • Plated steel case
  • Groundiing contacts, optional snap switch
  • Pressure, vacuum, differential pressure and temperature

9700 / 7200 Series

  • Keyswitch start & stop
  • Auto fault shutdown and indication
  • Optional overspeed shutdown, via AC freq. or magnetic pickup
  • Timed Preheat output
  • DIN 72x72mm or 96x96mm case
Speed Switches

Models 3ST, SS300, HD9063 & OS77D

  • Mag.pickup or charge alternator driven
  • 1,2 or 3 relay outputs
  • For starter release, load control or over speed shutdown
Electric Gage & Switchgage

EG Series

  • EG Air Core Movement design
  • Technological improvements in lighting, accuracy in reading and wiring installation
  • Environmentally sealed design
  • Exceeds the rigid SAE J1810 standard
  • Corrosion-resistant materials
  • Desirable for marine and other environmentally sensitive applications
  • Soft, non-glare dial and pointer illumination by cold light LED
Magnetic Pickup

MP3298 / MP7906 / MP7905

  • An AC generator
  • Installed into the flywheel housing of an internal combustion engine, so that the starter ring gear acts upon it to generate a voltage pulse each time a gear tooth passes the end of the sensor
AT series
  • 3½” analogue scale tachometers
  • AT senses from charger alternator or magnetic pickup
  • Digital hourmeter on model ATH
  • Backlit display